Rocky Rowe

Rhythm/Lead Guitars


"I love playing the guitar."  Rocky Rowe began his musical journey in 6th grade learning trumpet. "I played in marching bands, jazz bands,classical black tux events, you name it." Eventually, Rocky got involved with the youth group at his Church, and started playing an Ovation acoustic/electric with some of the teens. "We started a youth group band and called ourselves "Quanta". I purchased my first electric guitar and started learning power chords and using the rest of the neck. I played with "Quanta" for several years" (1998 to 2003). From there, Rocky played acoustic guitar and bass for the band "Mustard". "In 2005, I joined the lineup of "Where Are The Nine" playing rhythm guitar. This is when I started writing music with my fellow band mate Brian Correnti. We had a great time playing gigs in Maine, NH and Mass. We played Soulfest all 6 Years that we were together." WAT9 called it quits in September 2011. Rocky played with "One Less Lost" for a short stint. "I was contacted by drummer Joe Cadrette. He asked if I would be interested in playing in a band called "Hanging Scarlet". What a great time and really good guys. I totally enjoyed my time with "Hanging Scarlet"." Rocky played with Hanging Scarlet from 2012 to 2016. "Like many guitar players, I am constantly searching for "that sound" and "that guitar" and "that amp". You know, the perfect one for you. I have had Ibanez, Godin, Yamaha, Fender, Gibson and now PRS. Wow! PRS! I love it!" We are very excited to have Rocky playing guitar for "RedGoneWhite". "I now have the challenge of playing rhythm and lead, and adding a little flavor to the wonderful songs that David Anderson has written. We hope you will join with us as we seek to encourage others with our music."