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    When we find ourselves at one of the major proverbial forks in the road of life, we usually try to analyze where we're going. We reflect on where we've been and how we got "here". Sometimes, decisions we've made bring unintended results or consequences. Other times the decisions of others, sometimes complete strangers, have a profound effect on the situations we find ourselves in. Maybe these situations or consequences are financial, health related, social, emotional, or spiritual in nature. Maybe they affect some or all of our relationships.

    We decide that we need to radically head in a new direction, breaking free from the conventional same old thing that got us "here" in the first place. The generic, lifeless, and familiar that once was a comfort now seems more like a prison. This isn't your common everyday type of moment we're talking about here but a monumental life changing event. This is where we look at ourselves and our situation in a brutally honest way and come to only one conclusion... Change is needed!

    If you wish, share one of these moments when you decided that your story needed to change. When you decided to turn the page and start a brand new chapter. Where are you now and what did you learn from it? If you could give a piece of wisdom to someone going through something similar, what would it be? If you would prefer to post anonymously, please make sure to use an alias or Anonymous in the box for your name. You must give your email address but it will not show in your comments.

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Anne October 20, 2014 @10:15 pm

Coming from a broken family background, I was a lost teenage soul searching for acceptance and importance, love.. Lots of temptations and troubles led me to some bad times. Turning to alcohol and the night life, I wasn't on a good path. Even after I married young and had a child I was lost and couldn't get past the emptiness. A friend sparked up a conversation asking me what my beliefs were. I really didn't know how to answer because I really wasn't sure. I decided to dig a little deeper to find out answers to questions that I never thought to ask. I worked with a minister at a factory. He was humble and easy to talk to. So one day during work I asked him the question of what it was to be a Christian. He had me make an appointment with him and his wife and I was blown away. Something drastically changed in me. Things I had been doing looked different and I had an understanding of what I had been missing from my life. I quit my job and started being a more responsible wife and mother. As I dug deeper into Gods word the more my life change for the better. Things started to make sense. It was by no means easy, but the pain from the poor choices I had made started to dull and a better understanding of who I was and wanted to be became clearer. Now...I'm still a work in progress, but aren't we all? Learning how to forgive past hurts and let go of what I used to be, moving on to new challenges. The Lord never said it would be easy, but He did promise He would never leave us or forsake us. I am grateful for all the loving people I have in my life to help me in my journey to a better me.

marc October 17, 2014 @05:21 pm

I have found the pepole I hang with and the books I read have a profound impact on my life. So I must choose wisely.

Cliff October 16, 2014 @05:55 pm

Growing up through grade school I was always a 'good boy' and everyone's friend. I was hard working and reliable and loved to encourage and give advice. Honestly I am not much different even now. BUT there was a period in my life when all of that was slipping away. I was changing and I didn't know it. During my last two years of high school I suddenly decided that I was tired of being predictable and squeaky clean. So I set about "enjoying life"-so to speak. I started attending drinking parties and blacked out every time I would drink. I declared that I was an atheist/agnostic. My reasoning was that God doesn't exist! BUT (IF) He did, He would have to prove Himself to me. I grew more and more selfish, callous and lonely. I attended college in a school over 1500 miles from home in a place where the legal drinking age was 18 and you could move from bar to bar with open drinks. My drinking went from weekends to about every other day to every day. I was attending a Liberal Arts school. I found myself increasingly surrounded by people who proudly displayed lives lacking in morals, common sense, joy or loyalty. It seemed like all my friends were liars and back-stabbers and (let's just say, "loose" sexually). They all seemed opinionated, agitated and anti-anything that the majority was for. As I looked around at WHO I had surrounded myself with ( my closest of friends), I was literally disgusted. Then one day someone told me a principle that opened my eyes and rocked my world. They said, "If you ever want to know how the rest of the world sees YOU, look at your five closest friends." They went on to say, "They will typically wear the same type of clothes as you- laugh at the same things- share the same opinions and interests. They will typically have about as much money as you and want the same things out of life as you". When I heard that and RE-assessed my circle of friends, I became even MORE disgusted with who I had let them change ME into. I had become someone that "I" would never want to hang out with. Something had to change...NOW! I set about seeking out new friends who were already the kinds of people that I wanted to someday become. In time I found my way back to myself and, yes, even to the God I had so vehemently rejected. I hope this encourages someone to evaluate who they are BY evaluating who their closest friends are and to be ready to make a change if they decide that change is necessary.

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