Eric Pelchat


    Eric grew up playing guitar and banjo but neither one ever felt quite right. "I was surrounded by loads of guitar players who could all play better than me. Oddly enough, no one wanted to play bass. It seems the girls didn’t find bass players particularly attractive." (Not much has changed.)

    Eric continued a progression from 6 strings, to 5 (banjo), to 4, when at the age of 18 he picked up the cheapest bass he could afford. "The sweet sounds that fell upon my ears as my fingers clumsily played those first few notes on those incredibly fat strings, have forever changed me! The bass was and is still, the 2nd most beautiful instrument I’ve ever heard."

    Until in 2012 he discovered THE most beautiful instrument he had ever laid ears on, and has almost exclusively played fretless bass ever since. "The discipline combined with the freedom of expression that this instrument demands, unleashes pure emotion in the form of low frequency melodies and harmony; providing new and exciting opportunities to bridge the gap between rhythm and melody."  (Kind of makes you want to learn how to play one doesn’t it?)

    Eric has played in rock, folk, bluegrass, alternative metal, and praise/worship bands over the last 25-30 years with musical styles ranging from the very simple to the very complex. "It’s a rare thing though to find a group of musicians, who not only allow but encourage each other to experiment without limits. It’s the ultimate freedom of expression! RedGoneWhite IS such a band."